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Hompage of Gyula Vági Master Organ builder

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The Vági Continuo Organs


The smallest Vági Organ, 3-stop instrument featuring

a most lightweight design and the greatest tone.

Manufactured upon order, tailored to individual requirements.

Delivery: within a period of 8 months upon ordering.


Gedackt 8’ (wooden)

Flauto 4’ (wooden, open from f18

Principal 2’ (75% tin, or on request wooden)

Upon request we can build an extended organ (with 4 or 5 stops - Quint 1 1/3’, Regal 8’). The case of the Vági Continuo Organ, made from cherry, finished with oil. Wooden pipes made from maple. Pipe sound (at low air pressure) is open, nevertheless nice. For smaller churches, it can be used for lithurgical purposes as well.

Tone range: C1 – d51 Tuning: 415 Hz, 440 Hz, 466 Hz, (on request even 392 Hz). Use left hand to switch stops.

Number of pipes: 102 wooden pipes, 51 metal pipes. Large pipes sound outwards (33 pcs), so no high airflow will occur in the interior, which guarantees a pure tone.  

The top part of the organ is easy-to-remove by lifting off, weighing 44kg. Dimensions (cm): 95 x 50 x 72. 

Weight of lower part: 30 kg (including fan). Dimensions (cm): 95 x 50 x 32

Photo Gallery:

Vági Organs

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