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Hompage of Gyula Vági Master Organ builder

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The Vági Chapel Organ

4 stop Chapel Organ with one manual and pedal

Manual: tone range C1-a58 


Gedackt 8’: 24 wooden pipes, 34 metal pipes,

Principal 4’: 5 open wooden pipes, 53 open metal pipes

Rohrföte 4’: 12 stopped wooden pipes, 34 chimney flute, 12 open metal pipes

Oktav 2’ : 58 open metal pipes 


Pedal: tone range: C1- f30, Gedackt 8’: same as manual, P+man.

Measurements: 260cm height, 145 width, depth: 90cm + pedal 65cm

Material: nature cherry finished with oil.


4 stop, 2 manual mechanic practice organ with slider chest and pedal

I. manual C1- a58

Principal 8’ (12 stopped wooden pipes, from c13 46 open metal pipes)

Holzflöte 4’ (12 stopped wooden pipes, 46 open wooden pipes)

Quint 2 2/3’ (from c13 46 open wooden pipes)

Oktav 2’ (58 open metal pipes)


II manual C1-a58, Gedackt 8’ (58 stopped wooden pipes)


The following stops are common with the I.manual, both manuals can be switched on simultaneously and separately. (Holzflöte 4’, Quint 2 2/3’ c13-, Oktav 2’)


Pedal C1-f30, BDO according to the standard (pedal ds16 a manual under ds28.) 

Subbass 16’ (12 stopped wooden pipes, from c13 common with Gedackt 8’)



Measurements 175cm width, 265cm height, 100cm depth + pedal 70cm

Material: nature cherry finished with oil.

Vági Organs

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