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Vági Organs

Hompage of Gyula Vági Master Organ builder

Gyula Vági has been designing and building several new organs all around Hungary.

On the photo (left side) you can see the organ in the church at Budafok with 2 manuals, 16 stops. The chest of the organ built by Rieger Company was kept, and Gyula Vagi was requested to build a new mechanic organ inside, in 2001.

Other organs from Gyula Vági:

Budapest - Kassai tér, 3 manuals, 50 stops

Budapest-Rákosfalva, 28 stops

Veresegyház, 2 manuals, 18 stops

Dejtár, 2 manuals, 23 stops

Budapest-Rákosfalva, 28 stops

Budafok, 2 manual, 16 stops

Martfű, 2 manuals, 24 stops

Budapest - Széphalom

Somorja (Slovakia) 1868 L. Mooser, organ reconstruction

Budapest, reformed church (Kispest-központ)

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